Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chelsea & Landon

I used to work with Chelsea at a Seattle architecture firm. She married her college sweetheart, Landon, in October of 2008. They are an adorable couple and were a delight to work with. Here's a still of them exiting their wedding reception in Seaside, Florida. Judging from the pics, it was a really fun wedding. By the way, the wedding photography is by Robby Followell of Mississippi, where the couple is from.

Chelsea originally wanted a floral motif of peonies or hydrangeas and a fairly contemporary typeface and layout. As the wedding planning evolved and the location was set on the beach, we toyed with several nautical motifs. We finally settled on coral, which was also featured throughout the reception. The design process is ALWAYS different. Chelsea had a very strong idea to begin with but we still ended up in a completely different, yet happy place. We deal with brides just like Chelsea all the time. We also deal with couples who know exactly what they want and it actually works and then there are the couples who have no idea where to begin. It doesn't matter which kind of couple you are. That's what you pay us for; to design something you will love.

Design, printing and photography by Inkfancy. Visit our website to view the whole suite.

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