Friday, January 23, 2009

Corey Arnold

I can't remember how, or when, I first came across Corey Arnold's work. I think my friend Emily sent me a link to his site a year, or so, ago. He's apparently all the rage now, having done the photography for the latest ad campaign for Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. You know how it goes, do some work for Discovery Channel and you can no longer leave the house due to the hordes of fans pounding on your door. Anyway, famous or not, Corey's work is simply breathtaking, in a very quirky way. The following photo certainly falls on the breathtaking side. I'm not sure if she's his wife, sister or friend. Regardless, you can't help but stare at such ethereal beauty.

This particular photo has been featured in several papers and magazines. I certainly harbor a fondness for it for obvious reasons: a) it's ridiculously charming b) I have a cat c) I purchased the same horse's head for a Godfather inspired Halloween costume a few years ago...

While Corey is best known for his photography aboard fishing boats in Norway and the Bering Sea, he has a knack for off-the-wall pieces. This one seems to feature a terrier (my other pet) and a squirrel? It reminds me Tim, the MIT Beaver.

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