Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year from Ink Fancy!'s rather evident that the Ink Fancy Blog has been on a long hiatus. In my defense, I have been rather busy. In the spirit of New Year's resolutions however, it's coming back better than ever!

Given the long break, I thought I should open with a bang. Candice Eley, the brain behind Fight the Fondant (and my new sister-in-law) was married this past November 7th to guessed brother-in-law, Mr. JT (the other one). Here are a few pictures of the lovely event by Aaron Thompson of AS Photography in San Diego.

The wedding was simply glorious and so much fun. All the details were absolutely perfect. As true DIY, fashionable hipsters, Jeff and Candice imbued their celebration with a lot of personal touches that perfectly reflected themselves and their families. Do visit Fight the Fondant for details and plenty of anecdotes.

Here comes the bride in all her glory. Yes, she's stunning to begin with but she looked even more so in a Nicole Miller gown and a custom feather and rhinestone headpice she purchased on Etsy.

Oh dear...the flower girls were beyond adorable. This gaggle of nieces (do three little girls constitute a gaggle?) sported headpieces and baskets made my the Maid of Honor, and mother of the ringleader in front. They promptly started emptying their baskets about thirty feet behind where everyone was sitting. I enticed them to keep their petals from my hiding place in the back, which, of course, they took to heart. No fear, once they got to the front, the groom's brother-in-law, and father of two of the girls, told them to make sure they got all the petals out. The girls stood in front of the altar for a full two to three minutes while making sure to rid those baskets of every last vestige of flowers. It was a precious sight.

The Marston House in San Diego's Balboa Park was the perfect setting for the ceremony. It was a beautiful, warm day, even in November.

Check out the gorgeous accessories worn by the bride. The headpiece is by Portobello. The shrug is from Holly Stadler and the clutch is from a Church sale, for crying out loud!

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