Monday, December 22, 2008

2009 letterpress calendars

You would think that being a letterpress artist, I would have no problem sending out gorgeous holiday cards on time or printing my own beautiful calendar for the coming year. No such luck. Those will have to remain as New Year's resolutions for now. In the meantime, I can at least recommend other shops' calendar offerings. Even if you're irrevocably attached to your iphone's calendar, who's to say you can't grace your wall with one of these beauties.

Chicago based Snow & Graham has been turning out amazing letterpress work since 1998. Now a household name, their stationery sets and wrapping papers can be found far and wide at mom and pop shops and national chains such as Anthropologie. You can find their wall calendar here.

INK + WIT's Tara Hogan is known for her adorable yet modern graphics seen on everything from invitations to notecards and linen towels. Make sure to check out her art prints while shopping for her calendar on the website.

Liz Coulson of New York is the design talent behind Linda & Harriett. She has produced a gorgeous specimen in her first foray into calendar design. She also offers notecards, notepads, gift tags and wedding invitations.

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