Sunday, December 14, 2008


I came across Ghostpatrol while perusing the Tiny Showcase print gallery. I was mesmerized by the breadth of his work, not just in his use of different media, but in the way his pieces manage to be eerily beautiful, delicate, dark and adorable all at once.

Wolvien Shadow

A self-taught illustrator, Ghostpatrol's work ranges from ink drawings to graffiti, commissioned murals and plush dolls of the cast of characters that so often appear throughout his drawings. He has a rather extensive photostream of his work on Flickr.

Bear in Socks and Gloves

Originally from Hobart, Australia, Ghospatrol resides and works in Melbourne. His work has been shown all over his home country and in cities throughout the world, including, Vienna, LA, Berlin, Manchester, Prague and Tokyo. Metro5 Gallery of Melbourne recently released Book Format, featuring recent and previously unseen works by Ghostpatrol and his frequent collaborator, Miso.

Wind Spirit pencil set

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