Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arts and Architecture Vintage Magazine Covers

So I was sitting at the dentist's office yesterday, where I picked up the December issue of Vanity Fair magazine. I was flipping through it when a really cool image (not Kate Winslet's fannie) caught my eye. There on the "Hot Type" page were a couple of, clearly vintage, Arts and Architecture magazine covers. They were just beautiful, in their obviously mid-century, yet oh- so-relevant grandeur, or shall I say, simplicity.

I didn't even have time to read the column but I did manage to write "arts and architecture vintage covers" down before getting my teeth drilled on for half an hour. I remembered the incident as I was ruminating on what to post today and decided to Google the magazine. As it turns out, Arts and Architecture magazine was published from 1945 to 1967. It mainly dealt with residential design but also considered culture, politics, architecture, art and music.

It turns out that the reason why is was covered on "Hot Type" is the Taschen reprint that spans 10 years of the magazine, 1945-1954. If you don't happen to have the $700 to purchase 10 years' worth of Arts and Architecture, you can still purchase reprints of the covers or view pdfs of some of the articles on the magazine's website.

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