Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kelly Tunstall

Back in 2002, my husband (boyfriend back then) and I took a little weekend trip to Portland, Oregon. Of course, no Portland visit is complete without a jaunt to Powell's City of Books. While browsing this bibliophile's paradise, we fell in love with an art piece at the Basil Hallward Art Gallery, located in the Pearl Room of the bookstore. It ended up being the first piece of art we ever purchased. Her name is Nipellina and she was painted by San Francisco artist, Kelly Tunstall. Perhaps our favorite aspect of the entire piece is the signature, which the artist saw fit to follow with the line, Age 23.

Ever since then, I have made it a point to visit Kelly's website on a somewhat regular basis to see what she's up to. Now Age 28, Kelly is still painting her ladies and recording her age with each one. I guess the signature makes sense when you learn that she uses her pieces as a sort of diary.

You can also see her work at the Hotel des Arts in San Franciso which features a number of "painted rooms" designed by San Francisco artists. Do keep in mind that reservations for these rooms have to be made over the phone, rather than online.

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chelsea dossett said...

ah, i love the second piece you show. i really love her work and had never heard of her, thanks for sharing!