Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Diana Sudyka

I met Chicago artist Diana Sudyka several years ago at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival. At the time, she was still sharing a booth with husband and talented artist, Jay Ryan, as part of The Bird Machine Studio. She has since graduated to her own booth, website and blog, and it's easy to see why.

Diana has been producing beautiful work for over twelve years. She's a full time illustrator creating fine art, book covers, album artwork and rock show posters. Most of her work is done as screen prints, watercolor and etchings.

Though all of her work is simply beautiful, her most interesting is perhaps the Tiny Aviary blog. As if her illustrations weren't enough to keep her creative appetite in check, Diana volunteers for the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. She does taxidermy on birds "that for the most part, have met their ends colliding with downtown buildings". She then posts watercolors of the species she has worked on in her blog. You can purchase Diana's work through her website or her Etsy shop.

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