Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seattle * Tehran Poster Show

Back in April, my husband Matt and I were in Habana for the Seattle*Havana Poster Show. (Havana is spelled with a "b" in Spanish). That show, as well as the Seattle*Tehran Show are the brainchild of local graphic designer Daniel Smith. He has taken it upon himself to set up and curate gallery shows of screenprinted posters designed by local artists as compared to those of designers from "controversial" cities such as Havana and Tehran. I believe he's still in the search for the third tine of his triumvirate, though everyone keeps mentioning Pyongyang.

While we had a scare getting out of Cuba, or I should say that I had a scare getting out of Cuba because my Spanish is perfect, we had an amazing time. We met with several Havana artists, including Eduardo Marin and Pepe Menendez and visited the Rene Portocarrero printshop.

The Seattle*Tehran Show is currently under way in Seattle at Verite Coffee. Visit Verite in Ballard, Madrona and West Seattle to view the Seattle*Tehran show before it heads off to Tehran.

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