Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bradley Hanson Photography

I did all of my wedding planning online. I would sit down with my little library of Seattle Brides and Martha Stewart magazines and visit every single link to any vendor that looked even remotely interesting. I would then systematically and unmercifully narrow down the choices down to two or three per market, who I would then contact. When looking for photographers, only one survived my cut-throat attack: Bradley Hanson.

Luckily, he turned out to be as charming in person as he did online. We first met with Bradley at Torrefazione in Pioneer Square, now Cafe Umbria. He immediately brought out albums from previous weddings and proceeded to essentially turn into an overly excited child. His eyes turned into saucers as he flipped through the photos and explained why he had taken each one. His elation was contagious and extremely refreshing. With just one wordless look, we agreed he was the one. We told him we were hoping for an August wedding since it was to take place outdoors. Though a full year in advance, he mentioned only having one Saturday open, the 14th. Our date was set.

Bradley showed up bright and early on our wedding day and took pictures of anything and everything. You wouldn't have known it though, for he was amazingly inconspicuous. He was also pretty wily when it came to getting candid photos. At one point, he told us that he needed to get some more film from his car, before disappearing. As soon as we tried to steal a kiss, he jumped out of a tree to catch us in the act. Perhaps the most compelling evidence of his professional nature is the fact that he turned down a dance with Emily, one of the very attractive single ladies at our wedding. Since 2004, three of my friends and colleagues have had Bradley photograph their weddings. I will never get tired of recommending him. Here's a link to some of our favorite wedding photos by Bradley.

As if it weren't enough, Bradley has been featured numerous times on Seattle Bride and other publications, such as The Stranger and Rolling Stone, for his rock and editorial imagery.

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Jenny said...

I second the vote for Bradley! He did my wedding too. Wedding photographers are also very picky on who they choose to shoot their own wedding:)

Some photos from the day here:

and here: